Empathy in a Digital World

This video from RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) was part of our homework for SCL Digital Leaders Pilot and is very thought provoking, so well worth a watch.

After watching and loving this video I tweeted about it. I then had a conversation with Roman Krznaric and he signposted me to the Empathy Library –

“The Empathy Library is the world’s first online empathy collection and a treasure house for catapulting your imagination into other people’s lives. What might it be like to be a child growing up in Tehran, or to be born without sight, or to be a soldier fighting someone else’s war? The library takes you on these journeys into unknown worlds.

The library is full of recommended books to read (fiction, non-fiction and children’s books) and great films to watch (from feature films to documentaries and video shorts). Their common thread? The power to deepen our empathy – to help us step into the shoes of other people and look at the world through their eyes. The library offers a unique form of armchair travel that can give you a taste of a different culture, a different generation, a different life.”

Sharing the knowledge gained from the SCL Digital Leaders Pilot (facilitated by Ben Lee and Ethan Ohs from Shared Intelligence) with colleagues  – ideas, examples and inspiration.

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