I was drawn to the Mozilla Clubs session as an opportunity to find a new method for building web literacy – ensuring the internet is open and accessible to everyone. As libraries know, it’s not simply about access, there is a need for skills and confidence as well.


Mozilla Clubs can be set up anywhere to teach local communities web literacy. I got to speak to a Mozilla Club coordinator who is enabling communities across India to collaborate and build their knowledge of the web; where there is no internet access the learning is still passed on in order to empower individuals with knowledge.

To form a Mozilla Club you need:

  1. A club captain – that could be you or a dedicated volunteer. Training and a network contact is available.
  2. A venue – we have plenty of them!
  3. Members from the local community – you could invite the whole community or target groups e.g. girls.
  4. A learning plan – resources and tools are available and can be tailored to local need. The curriculum is ‘free, open and educator tested’

Find out more and get started: Mozilla Clubs; eeek look there is even a page especially for us: Hosting a Mozilla club in your library

Be sure to check out Maker Parties too!


More about my MozFest adventures.

Sharing the knowledge gained from the adventure that was MozFest 2016. Big thanks to SCL for the bursary that enabled me to attend. 

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