What? Computerised cognitive behaviour therapy – or CCBT for short –the cognitive behaviour therapy is delivered using a computer.

Programmes such as Beating the Blues and FearFighter can be made available on the public computers and patients referred from their GP or health care professional.

Purpose? Enables management of mild and moderate depression or  anxiety. Reduces the need for medication and potentially reduces the cost of treatment.

Target audience? People with mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

How might it be used? Support health agenda, healthier communities

How to find out more? NICE information for patients

North Somerset trialled Beating the Blues with the PCT in 2007, but the subscription wasn’t renewed.

Other programmes for CBT are available.

Sharing the knowledge gained from the SCL Digital Leaders Pilot (facilitated by Ben Lee and Ethan Ohs from Shared Intelligence) with colleagues  – ideas, examples and inspiration.

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