FabLabs, 3D Printing and Maker Spaces

Fab Lab Devon

What? A small-scale workshop in Exeter Library offering digital fabrication. It’s an open access, not-for-profit, community resource where anybody can invent and make just about anything.

Devon libraries have a collaboration with the local university, with funding from the local economic partnership. 

Purpose? To prototype ideas, to support business start up, to build skills.

Target audience? Pre start up, people with ideas

How might it be used? To enable libraries to play a role in the creative economy. Gives libraries the Wow-factor. Provides people with skills and access to equipment to progress their business or idea. 

How to find out more? Fab Lab Devon

See how the FabLab supports local business:

Hear Economic Development Officer, Tom Dixon, explain the FabLab and its impact:

Sharing the knowledge gained from the SCL Digital Leaders Pilot (facilitated by Ben Lee and Ethan Ohs from Shared Intelligence) with colleagues  – ideas, examples and inspiration.

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